Motivation Clip-On Tricycle

  • Quick release clip-on, clip-off attachment that can be fitted to the Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair, converting it in to a tricycle
  • Kit includes trike attachment but not the Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair
  • Larger packed size is a disadvantage for transport
  • Each clip-on tricycle includes a basic tool kit
Intended Users
  • Intended for active adults or older children/teenagers whose lifestyle includes traveling long distances or going over rough terrain
  • User’s trunk control and agility must match with what is required to safely use the device
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  • Can be easily installed onto the Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair by user without transferring out of the wheelchair
  • Front wheel rolls easily over obstacles and provide a smooth ride
  • The pedal position can be adjusted horizontally by approximately 2″ (5 cm); vertical adjustment is fixed and is designed to suit most users
  • Kit includes tricycle attachment but does not include the Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair
  • Strong V-brake style bicycle brake on the tricycle front wheel; standard parking brakes on the rear wheels of the wheelchair
  • Standard bicycle chain is included; chain tension is adjustable
  • Includes basic tool kit
  • Simple single speed freewheel gear to suit most users
  • Certifications: ISO 13485, ISO 14001, CE mark
  • For details on the CLASP warranty, click here.
  • Important! This product is intended for use with the Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair only. Use of this product with any other wheelchair will void the warranty.


Manufacturer Product Number WM3TRCO-01
Length 52.3” (133 cm)
Wheels 20” x 1.75” diameter (51 cm x 4 cm) pneumatic front wheel with 28-hole steel rim
Overall Length 52.3” (133 cm)
Product Weight 28.7 lb (13 kg)
Packaging One unit per carton
Package Size 53″ x 23″ x 9″ (134 cm x 58 cm x 22 cm)
Package Weight 35 lb (16 kg)


Basic tool kit included:

  • 1 Phillips-head screwdriver – medium
  • 1 Allen key – “L” shape 4 mm
  • 1 Flat/Ring spanner 14 mm
  • 1 Socket spanner 14 mm


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